ReNerve was a challenging project as it required to (a) correctly communicate the scientific procedures of the product and (b) keep it simple to understand for any audience. The opening frames went for a more traditional medical journal, to introduce the nervous system and its function, before switching to 3D animation for the actual application of the product in the body.  A good battle and challenge between very literal science minded people and the creatives :) A great success.

The full video can be viewed here:

Credits | Visual Design & Animation
3d Animation | Josh Dunn

Produced by Milk Video

Northern Futures

Animation Design for Northern Futures, a local non-profit agency. Concepts were to include some history and positivity & growth for the disadvantaged.

Credits | Concept & Design
Animation | Josh Dunn
Produced by Milk Video

The Hunt: In Search Of Australia’s Big Cats

The Hunt is probably the biggest project I have worked on. Shot over 3-4 years by director Stu Ross, the post production process has been about 6-7 months. Hundreds of hours of footage, many, many offline versions and a combination of duration’s was a super big challenge but what has emerged is something quite amazing.

The film is a hybrid, a new style of 1-hour documentary that has really pushed to retain the beauty and control of a feature but also fits within that (archaic in my view) format of 1-hour television. This was not easy at all and took many revisions, whiteboards, sticky notes to really flesh it out.

The end product is being finished as a 44 minute piece for Discovery, with a 66 minute version (the director would call it the true version) being finished for distribution later in 2020.

A true test of my abilities at every level, happy to have had and completed the challenge. Thanks to all the Robot & Ruby Entertainment  guys for taking it on.

The initial brainstorming and flow of the film, and how it would fit in a 44”, 66” or 88” environment.

GIF Gallery & Site Updates

Added a GIF Gallery to the main page, I have wanted to do this for ages and just have a gallery of my favorite little bits of work. Sometimes it’s only a single shot of work in a much  bigger production so its nice to have a spot for this stuff.

New projects also added to the Editing.Post page.  Including this new trailer for “The Hunt” documentary.

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