The Hunt: In Search Of Australia’s Big Cats

The Hunt is probably the biggest project I have worked on. Shot over 3-4 years by director Stu Ross, the post production process has been about 6-7 months. Hundreds of hours of footage, many, many offline versions and a combination of duration’s was a super big challenge but what has emerged is something quite amazing.

The film is a hybrid, a new style of 1-hour documentary that has really pushed to retain the beauty and control of a feature but also fits within that (archaic in my view) format of 1-hour television. This was not easy at all and took many revisions, whiteboards, sticky notes to really flesh it out.

The end product is being finished as a 44 minute piece for Discovery, with a 66 minute version (the director would call it the true version) being finished for distribution later in 2020.

A true test of my abilities at every level, happy to have had and completed the challenge. Thanks to all the Robot & Ruby Entertainment  guys for taking it on.

The initial brainstorming and flow of the film, and how it would fit in a 44”, 66” or 88” environment.

GIF Gallery & Site Updates

Added a GIF Gallery to the main page, I have wanted to do this for ages and just have a gallery of my favorite little bits of work. Sometimes it’s only a single shot of work in a much  bigger production so its nice to have a spot for this stuff.

New projects also added to the Editing.Post page.  Including this new trailer for “The Hunt” documentary.

Dannii Minogue - Galaxy

What a crazy few months! The Robot Machine cranks on with this edit for Dannii Minogue’s new clip ‘Galaxy”. A huge day including 35 takes of the track helped make this a beast of an edit, with a ton of FX work done in post. Really happy with how this turned out.

Jeremy The Dud

Jeremy The Dud is live! The finished pilot / short film has launched and having great success. Stoked to have the chance to edit and polish up (onilne) the film for the Robot overlords. The film has also just picked up 2 awards @ Flicks4Change in LA, including Best Overall Film! Awesome stuff.

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