Concept & Design

I have designed artwork for both small and large companies, which is typically used for internal training or external promotion and communication. My process involves working with a finished script or concept and creating a visual look and treatment that aligns with the company's identity and the messages they want to convey. While some images have had branding removed for confidentiality reasons, I have listed specific projects where possible. My work showcases my ability to adapt to various branding styles and deliver high-quality materials for my clients.

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A full package of design for the Swellchasers TV series including the printed Pitch document and report, logo design & animation + animated maps for the series.

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Brand Design | Logo | Animation | Print Design

Bloom is an american based company developing blockchain technology. I was contacted to provide a variety of looks, design and animation across multiple formats to support their brand and future goals.

Short reel with some animation concepts.

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The Hunt | Discovery Channel 44" and 66"

Working with director and cinematographer Stu Ross, I was the editor and motion design artist on The Hunt. An amazing project over about 8 months of work, below is a snapshot of the design aesthetic, print and motion graphics for the project.

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South Coast Community Profile

I was engaged by Seagrass Films to design and produce an animation and print series based on the community census data of the South Coast in Victoria. The process begun with design having both print and animation in mind, keeping the layout modular for easy re-arrangement in print and visually easy to view as there was alot of data to present.

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